We are all children of the ancient Greeks and Romans


  José Estévez. Director

  Karen Patricia Quill. Coordinator


        Group Members

        Daphne Prados

        Ángela Vázquez

        Ana Isabel Bello

        Jorge Raúl Garrido

        Manuel Olmo


We believe that the source of contemporary European culture is rooted in the legacy of Greek and Latin antiquity.
We want to find elements of ancient heritage in our daily lives. We believe that such actions are necessary for integration – and can reinforce a sense of kinship between the European nations.
The ancient Greco - Roman culture for centuries perpetuated the classic patterns and values which, over time, became the basis for future reference. The thought and the artistic achievements of the creators of antiquity is our authority; and the motives, attitudes, and human feelings, described in that era, remain valid until the present day. We are convinced that for a long time ancient culture will be invoked by authors of literature, philosophy and art for it is a good point of reference to other eras and is a real treasure of European culture. We are surrounded by it and although it’s present in our lives, we are not always able to perceive and identify it correctly. More +


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