We are all children of the ancient Greeks and Romans
POZNAN May 2018

    The final and closing of the programme activities ended up in Poznan hosted by Debinka school.

In May, Poland recieved us with an incredible Spring that we enjoyed at its most with outdoor activities such as gymkanas in National parks, walks in the woods, forests, and city parks along with a combination of activities concerning food and theatre workshops.

    The International School Theatre Festival was the centerpiece and highlight of the week. The four plays had a common topic that was the Minotaur, performed in four different versions and places in history. Each had a special point of view concerning Ancient times; Medieval times, Teatro della Comedia and Modern times. Our school featured a special vocalist singing live delighting the audience.


    The farewell party included a dancing “Polonese” that made us all enjoy the waltz dance followed by the dinner with all the School Community.


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