We are all children of the ancient Greeks and Romans

POZNAN October 2016

    In the middle of October we were hosting in our school the coordinators of Erasmus + program and the headmasters of the schools participating in the project “ We are all children of ancient Greeks and Romans”. Ourguests came from Instituto Comprensivi Assisi 2 and Instituto Comprensivi Assisi 3 from Italy, and Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Les Costa Del Sol in Torremolinos from Spain.

    The first day of the visit, 14th October, was also the Teachers’ Day in Poland. Due to that special occasion we prepared the meeting of our school community . After the traditional greeting of our guests with bread and salt and the occasional speeches, our students presented the national dances of Poland, Italy and Spain. Next the group of Junior High School invited us for the performance in English “The Chest Full of Gold” based on the ancient play by Plaut.

    Unfortunately, that was the end of the entertainment as the meeting was mainly filled with planning and coordinating the work and events connected with the next two-year’s project. The following hours we spent discussing the details of the program.

    We started the working part of the meeting introducing ourselves and presenting the special features of each school.. it is worth mentioning that although we have known each other since December 2014, it was our first meeting face to face. So far the communication has been possible only by electronic means, which although very helpful, cannot replace the real discussion of people truly engaged in the project.

    Saturday, 15 October was connected with our annual orienteering game HAKUN . As the example of good practice we presented to our guests the rules of the game and the methods of its realization. To our surprise the whole team decided to take part in the game and follow our students’ steps. Our guests did really well and managed to find all the check points, moreover , they did it in very good time and fulfilled almost all the tasks. Although they must have been terribly tired, they decided to accompany us in the evening and night school activities on that day, such as the feast and singing. Finally , they honored us to take part in the special ceremony- the Freshmen Vow. We hope they were having a great time, but they also found this game a great method of passing the knowledge and social skills. They also highly appreciated the engagement of our graduates and the teachers responsible for the game.

    Sunday was the day for relaxation after Saturday’s hard work. In spite of that, we found time to talk about the project. We kept on doing so from the early morning on Monday. It was the most intensive day in that respect. We spent so much time on planning and discussions that we managed to leave school only in the evening. Be managed , however, to plan all the activities for the two years of project.

    The last day of the visit was filled with the trip around Wielkopolska. We managed to show our guests the places which we will be able to see again in May 2018, when we expect the guest students from partner schools to visit Dębinka. We started the trip with the visit to Giecz -the settlement and Roman church. Next we went to Koszuty and Kórnik, where our guest were astonished by the glamour of the interiors of the castle. We also found numerous traces of Roman and Greek influences on our life and architecture. Our guests were also impressed by the palace in Rogalin, as well as by the architecture of the nearby church which is a copy of the real Roman temple. We finished the day with the dinner in the house of one of our school’s friend - Mr. Leszek Ciesielski.

On Wednesday 19th October, our guests left for their countries.


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