We are all children of the ancient Greeks and Romans

APRIL 2017


    We had two main artistic activities that were prepared many months ahead. First was the photographic competition that was based on choosing elements from the topic of the project with an interesting point of view and in black & white. The final product was shown in an exhibition of 32 pictures were three final winners were chosen. All this happened at the Centro Cultural Pablo Picasso where the other important activity took place, “the International Festival of Theatres”.

    Each school represented a Greek tragedy adapted to modern reality. Theatre workshops were offered and improvisation theatre techniques improved.

The meeting was synchronized with our Intercultural Week. Students enjoyed a long lasting tradition at our school with the Comida Intercultural, Music contest, art exhibition, with a finishing dancing “fiesta”.

We included Historic visits to Córdoba and its Mezquita, Málaga, Museo Picasso, Roman Theatre, and a trip to the Ancient Roman town Baelo Claudia by the sea.


Collective author

IES Costa del Sol

of all materials texts and images